The Woman's Guide to Lingerie

This post is dedicated to all my hard-core lingerie lovers out there.  I previously wrote a post about how you don’t have to wear lingerie.  Click HERE to read. 

But now, I want to discuss the ingredients for pulse-pounding, heart-stopping lingerie. 

 Harnessed Hottie Bodysuit $37.95

Harnessed Hottie Bodysuit $37.95


Harnesses:  Next to bodysuits, these are probably my absolute fav.  They’re unapologetically sexy.  The focus is usually on the neck, which is considered an erogenous zone.  Plus, they’re multi-taskers:  They may take some effort to put on, but you could wear it over a white button down shirt, under anything low-cut, anything sheer, or even over a dress.


Bandage:  She’s an aggressive tigress, like her cousin “bondage”.   Bandage lingerie is body-conscious lingerie that promises to whip every curve into shape.  It’s the opposite of  “Nice girls don’t do that” mentality, and projects the idea of a woman in complete control.

Corsets:  It’s never-ending love affair.  They whittle the waist and push the girls the higher and closer to the heavens.  They give every shape the coveted hourglass shape.  TIP:  Make sure you get a steel-boned corset; plastic boning will lose its shape faster than a fat kid chasing the ice cream truck.


Lace: Its origin is lost to history yet it remains timeless and feminine.  The delicate fabric is the only fabric known to represent both chastity and debauchery.  The only differentiator seems to be color associations:  pure white, scandalous red, or black as either sophisticated or somber.

And there you have it.  You are now armed to locate your own brand of daring.   

Get A Leg Up!

We all have that one less-than-flattering photo.  You know, the one that looks like you're about to birth a food baby or three?  

I get why women find it intimidating to come in for a session and get undressed, or at least partially undressed in front of a stranger.  Just know that I won't stare blankly at you while you figure out how to emote sexy.  I will guide you into poses that make you look like the drop-dead gorgeous woman that you are.

One of the things we'll discuss when you come in for your session is any perceived problem areas. I always hear that women want to lose a few pounds first, but I have you covered in the posing department.     Let's look at some examples, shall we?


Titling your head slightly down can be flattering for most face shapes but tilt too far down and you create a double chin.  Tyra Banks has a trick that she calls the "turtle".  Push your chin out a bit and hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to avoid a double chin. 


Letting arms hang limply at your side flattens the muscle and makes it look larger.  Bending your elbows and creating a triangle creates a much more flattering silhouette.


I'm all about creating or enhancing curves.  Having her bend the leg that is closest to the camera and place her hands behind her to create negative space gives her a much more dynamic shape.  


You can see that the photo on the left does nothing for her shape.  Her arms are hanging limply at her side.  Again, I have her bend the leg that is closest to the camera and bend her elbow slightly to create negative space.


Create the illusion of a smaller waist.  No Photoshop required.  Simply placing your hands around your middle and bringing them in closely gives the appearance of a teeny, tiny waist.  


I can also help to create a rounder derriere.  Lifting the hips creates a booty-ful booty to behold and has the added benefit of smoothing out any cellulite one may have.


I promise that I will never take a photo of your bum straight on; that's always a sure fire way to make you look as wide as possible.  We avoid this by having your shift your weight onto one hip and bending the leg that's furthest away from the camera.  

"Pop" the booty in a standing position and you've got a butt worthy of the song "Baby Got Back"! 


It's all about that hourglass shape! Tummy in, chest out! Shift your weight onto one hip, and create a diamond with your hands on your hips. 

See?  I promise I can make you look as gorgeous as the ladies on my website.  What are you waiting for?

Is Happily Ever After Even a Possibility?


I spoke with Gwen Washington, one of the founders of LuvTalk, a relationship forum for women to improve their relationships and when I found out she is hosting a few mixers in Tampa for ladies, I just knew I needed to feature her on my blog.

1) What is LuvTalk? And Where Can People find LuvTalk online?

Luv talk is a dating advice platform with monthly content on all things love and a dating advice app that allows users to connect with a personalized dating coach or matchmaker. We are on web and IOS apple store for the app.

2) How long has LuvTalk been improving relationships?

Luv talk started over a year ago and we have made great improvements to our site and finished our first app two months ago. We have coaches and matchmakers from Chicago, Tampa, and California soon to be NYC as well.

3). What's your biggest tip for women seeking to improve their romantic relationship?

Learn how to Communicate with your partner. The biggest tip I can give is understanding communication is the most important tool in a relationship. If you can't say what you want and what you don't want, you won't get it. Learn to communicate in a nonjudgmental way and you will have less confusion and less anxiety.

4) What advice do you have for the single ladies out there?

Stay positive and feminine. We can beat ourselves up over our looks, career, and family life. It is important to treat yourself and make sure you are doing little things that you enjoy and make you feel feminine. The right guy will come along and sense that positive and empowered feminine energy. Love comes in when you truly love yourself and value you.

5) How often do you feature Ladies Nights in the Tampa area?

We are starting to increase our ladies night with monthly at various bars. We have done Wine Exchange, Flemings, and have the upcoming Cask Social Kitchen in February and American Social Club coming in March.

How to Feel Sexy When You Just Don't

Women come to me usually for two reasons:  either they feel really beautiful and sexy and want me to capture that for them, or they don’t feel sexy at all and need that confident boost.  Of course there are other reasons women get boudoir done, but those are the top two.  You may be the in the latter camp. 

Although I do find that a boudoir session carries lasting results for clients including a sense of newfound confidence and a reassurance that they are indeed beautiful, sometimes we just have those days when we feel about as sexy as a pissing toad.

I mean, Mama June went and got herself a beach body and I’m still over here eating cookies for breakfast.  That’s ok.  My boobs match my butt.  I put my big girl panties on, which may or may not include a leopard print, look in the mirror, and pull my confidence secrets out of my hat.  Let me share a few:

Whether I’m wearing make-up or not, I fill in my brows. It’s the first step to looking more put-together, and well, younger.  Most of us want to look as young as possible.  Plus, it frames my face.  A microblading appointment with Lauren Haley is definitely next up on the beauty list.

Next, I might throw on an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder top to show off my neckline.   It’s super feminine, and if I’m feeling really extra, I’ll put some highlighter along my collarbone.

Sometimes all we need is lipstick and mascara.  Of course, I’m partial to Limelight by Alcone’s Perfect Lipstick which is super pigmented, but no so matte that it makes my lips feel dry, and my lash-lengthening Perfect Mascara that has fibers already in the formula, but no matter which brand you use, there’s just something about lipstick and mascara that serves as a quick mood booster.  Give me lashes.  Give me lips.  Give me the world. 


Do something outside your comfort zone.  When we’re feeling too comfortable, we develop limitations.  We suddenly convince ourselves that there are certain things we can’t do.  Getting a little uncomfortable helps you reinforce positive attributes about yourself.  Doing a boudoir session is one way to get out of your comfort zone, but it could be as something as simple trying a new machine at the gym. 

Gym…did someone say exercise?  Yep.  I do it at least four times a week.  It’s a mood booster that gets the endorphins going, and keeps the doctor at bay. 


Then, after you’ve done your session with me, get comfortable accepting compliments and accolades.  See below. 


Are You Ready to Make Your Confidence Soar?  

Home for the Holidays: Making The Group Photo Drama-Free!

It’s like a scene from a movie.  Your hard-of-hearing aunt misunderstands everything.  Your redneck cousin camps his RV on your front lawn, and grandpa is always drunk before noon. 

That’s probably why Victor Borge once said, “Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.”


Still, we always decide to get a group photo.  Gathering up family members for said photo can resemble herding cattle, and it's practically a guarantee that someone in the group will blink at the same time the shutter is pressed.  I can’t relieve family tensions but I can help make the annual group photo a little less stressful.  Here are some tips to try regardless of what camera you’re using:

1)   Put Your Camera or Phone into Burst Mode to increase the chances of getting a shot where everyone is smiling or not blinking.

2)   Now is the time for family togetherness; the closer everyone gets in the shot, the more detailed faces are.  Get as close as you can yourself either by standing closer or shooting with a zoom lens.

3)   Raise your chins to avoid a double chin but not too far; you don’t want everyone looking like a giraffe.

4)   Take the shot at the beginning of the event before anyone starts drinking and still looks they’re best.

5)   Try shooting from above.  This works especially well when you limited space to back up to try and fit everyone in and it’s a large group. 

6)   If you’re taking photographs outdoors, place friends or family with their backs to the sun.  This way, you avoid glare and squinty eyes.  If you’re indoors, find light that faces your group so you can avoid using the flash which can give a harsh look to photos.  The least flattering light comes from overhead or the side, so avoid that where you can.

Now that you're armed to take the family selfie, don't forget about yourself.  Get Your Short Guide on How to Look Gorgeous in Photos Every Time!  


One Love: A Celebration in Glitter

Glitter.  It's known as the herpes of the crafting world and yet I have an unending love affair with glitter.  I think it's because I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome.  If it shines, I must have it. 

So, what could be better than two ridiculously good looking men and a whole lot of sparkle?

 I had them take turns applying glitter to each other. 

I had them take turns applying glitter to each other. 


Love.  ❤️  Sprinkle it everywhere.  


8 Myths About Boudoir Photography

I need to lose weight first.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I always say that I can do with more lighting and posing than you can with six months at the gym. 


We may get thinner but we’re not getting younger. 

I Don’t Wear Lingerie and/or I Don’t Want to Get Naked.  You don’t have to be naked or wear lingerie.  I know how to shape light to conceal as well as reveal. See my POST on alternatives to lingerie for non-lingerie ideas. 


Boudoir is Porn.  Porn objectifies and demeans its subject; it’s explicit in nature.  Boudoir photography captures your beauty in a sensual and tasteful manner.  It’s about making the subject look and feel incredible.


Boudoir is only for young women.  Boudoir is for every BODY and every AGE.  One of my clients gets new photos done every year to honor herself.   I’ve had clients from age 19-65!

Boudoir photography is a One-Time Experience.  False.  The confidence boost can be addictive.  I have many repeat clients, and they often come back for different reasons:  birthdays, bridal boudoir, anniversaries, and even maternity.

Boudoir photography is Only for Those Who Have a Partner:  Wrong again.  Many clients come in to celebrate weight loss, birthdays, breast cancer recovery, or just to have beautiful photos to capture them at their current age and weight.

You Need to Look Like a Model.  Nope.  You don’t need to look like, or pose like a professional model.  It’s my job to guide you into the right poses, choose the right lighting, and give you the same editing and post-production that models get.

Getting Photographed by a Stranger is Scary.  I promise you that I’m furthest thing from scary.  I’m a little goofy, but it is always my primary goal to make you feel comfortable.  We’ll chat before your session so I can get to know you a little better, and I provide an all-female environment. 

It seems that most of these myths are rooted in fear.  Have you ever noticed that when you say  “yes” to new experiences that good things happen?

You Don't Have to Wear Lingerie

Sometimes I hear clients tell me that they don’t really wear lingerie and aren’t sure what to wear.

Bring Your Best Fuzzy Sweater, and make sure it’s loose and boxy.  Wear it with some sexy lace undies, and you’ve mastered laid–back appeal.  Bonus Points for Knee High Socks.


You can also do the above look with a simple tank top. 


A White Button Down Shirt is a classic and hides a multitude of sins.


A Swimsuit Coverup:  They look great with some pretty undies or you can go nude underneath. 


Fitness Apparel:  If you’re more comfortable in a sports bra than a lace bra, own it. 


An Evening Gown:  This atypical item is more glam than boudoir but still very sexy. 


A Vintage or Faux Fur:  Raid grandma’s closet, or scout a thrift store.  There’s something about fur that reeks of luxury.  Plus, it’s soft and feels great against your skin.


A White Sheet and Nothing Underneath:  Save yourself the stress of worrying about what to wear and just be nekkid! 


The Craziest Items Clients Have Ever Brought to a Session

I work in a small space so I don’t have the benefit of using lots of different sets.  One of the ways I keep things interesting is to have clients bring in one personal item.  (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

I love it because it keeps me on my toes creatively.  Over the years, I’ve had some clients bring in some very interesting items.  Hopefully, these examples give you some ideas of what to bring your own session with me.

A Fishing Pole:  A lot of times clients will bring in something that relates to a spouse’s hobby or interest.   This particular session was going to be shot indoors using a bedroom set in a traditional boudoir style.  If this had been retro pin up, it would have made the perfect prop.  I had to find a way to incorporate this into her session without looking cheesy, so I had her sit on the edge of the bed and hold the fishing pole in front of her with her knees together. This turned out to be one of my favorite images from the whole session.



A Life Jacket:  Life Jackets are big and bulky and flatter NO ONE, but I figured out a way to make her cleavage and legs look sexy in spite of it!


A Bottle of Lube: aptly named F*CK Water.  Since I didn’t need to demo the product in use, this one was pretty easy.


Compression Socks:  This sounds like the most unsexy of all unsexy items in the history of undergarments, but the client explained that her significant other found them to be very sexy on her.  They were bright pink and the resulting photo was nothing less than pure sexy legs!


A Fuzzy Pair of Ginormous Dragon Slippers.  Most clients like to bring heels that accentuate a pair of shapely legs, but this client’s significant other loves dragons, so we did a classic pin up pose where she lies on her back with her legs up in the air. 


Some of the coolest items clients have brought have been:

Sushi:  This client wanted to incorporate her Japanese heritage as well as her love of cooking so I had her lie on her side and I placed a few pieces on her thigh for an abstract shot of her hips and thighs. 


A Monogrammed Brandy Bottle with Matching Glasses and a Silk Tie: This client’s anniversary was coming up and sharing a glass of brandy is something that they like to do together, so she brought their monogrammed brandy bottle with their initials on the bottle.  We put the silk tie around her neck and filled one of the glasses half-full (Yes, I’m an optimist!) with brandy. 

A 45lb weight:  This client wanted to showcase her love of fitness.  The resulting photos are still some of my absolute favorites from her session.


A Chanel handbag and a pair of Louboutins:  This totally appeals to my love of fashion.   Besides, if you’re going to buy luxury items, why not commemorate them in a photo session?  It’s a great excuse to splurge!


Her Bridal Bouquet & Veil:  These are perfect for a bride with an upcomimg wedding and a nice surprise for the groom!


A Record Player & an Al Green Album:  This was a favorite combo that represented the couple’s sexy time together. 


Let your imagination run wild and I'll bring it to life! 

What a Boudoir Session is Like From a Client's Perspective

You've got the address all mapped out. Your lingerie is stowed away in the trunk and you've come up with a plan to explain why you're going to be gone for the next 4-5 hours.

Yet, you're still NERVOUS.  You tossed and turned the night before.  "Will she photoshop my cellulite?  I hope she knows how to hide my thunder thighs."  Wake up before the alarm goes off.  Stress about the under eye circles you now have.  "Maybe the make-up artist can cover them."

If you want to know what it's really like to do a boudoir session from a client's perspective, now you can hear it for yourself.  It's also captioned for you in case you're not in a position to listen with the sound on. 

I sat down with my client to ask her what her biggest fear was prior to her session as well as her favorite part of the experience. To Book Your Own Session, or Learn More, visit

Ladies in Las Vegas Wanted!


I travel quite frequently to Las Vegas and I'm looking for some brand ambassadors.  I'm seeking ladies between the ages of 26-55, any shape, any size.  Whether you're a native to Las Vegas. or just looking to experience memorable mini-vacation, this is the perfect excuse to take advantage of a pretty locale, and make some beautiful art. 

Professional Hair and Make-up provided.  Session Fee of $349 waived in exchange for signed release.  Refer clients and earn complimentary digital files!* $100 retainer required to hold your spot; retainer will be applied as a print credit.  Sessions to take place January 26 & 17, 2018.  Location to be disclosed upon booking.

Just click the button below to complete the form to be considered . Limited spots available.  

*Referrals must book and complete and their session to count as a successful referral.

"I do not regret the things I've done, only the things I did not do."- Rory Cochrane

Are you still on the fence about booking?  I have many happy clients.  Here's an email from one of them:


Simply the Best!

The results are in and I'm honored to be nominated as Best Local Photographer in the Tampa Bay area for Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay Contest!!

For the past 27 years, Creative Loafing readers and critics award Tampa Bay's best businesses, people & places in categories like People & Politics, Goods & Services, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink.

The polls are open now through August 23, 2017.  Place your vote for Boudoir Betty under the Arts & Entertainment category now through this link:


Why Prints Are Making A Comeback

 Your Photos Deserve More than a Few Moments of Fleeting Fame on Social Media. 

Your Photos Deserve More than a Few Moments of Fleeting Fame on Social Media. 


Prints are making a comeback. They’ve become more valuable for the mere fact that they’re so rare. There is something special about holding a print in your hands. It’s a memory brought to life.

Software used to store your photos digitally can become inaccessible over time. Think back to the floppy disk, or CD. Most computers these days don’t even have a CD/ROM drive anymore. Technology is advancing so quickly that the equipment we use to store our data on becomes inaccessible. Hard drive failure happens too.

How about that one time you took all those photos from your two year old’s birthday party only to drop your phone in the toilet before you could upload them to Facebook?

Speaking of Facebook, every time you upload a photo to Facebook, the file is compressed to save server space. This downgrades the quality of the image significantly, especially if it’s downloaded and possibly reuploaded from Facebook multiple times. Have you ever seen a funny meme on Facebook and it looks really blocky? That blocky effect is actually pixelation, distorted pixel artifacts that occur after compression. Do you really want to preserve your memories this way?

Photographs, once printed, become artwork, or gifts for others. You’re not limited to simply paper prints. There are many services and apps available to print directly from your phone, and you can create canvas wraps, or custom photo gifts such as mugs and magnets. Display options are endless.

My best selling products are canvas gallery wraps and a folio box that includes matted images. The folio box is popular because unlike an album, you can pull out photos for display one at a time, or create a wall grouping.

An additional benefit to printing your images is most labs offer editing and retouching services. Labs can also help you choose which paper type would be best for your images.

Perhaps the biggest reason that prints are so popular now is because cloud storage services are still infallible. Cloud services can be subject to application bugs or security breaches.

Prints are a way to relive a family vacation, remind yourself that you are still loved, and enhance your mood. Plus, they last more than a few short-lived moments on social media.


Adventure Awaits!


“As she walked along she dramatized the city. There was about it a wild, lawless charm that appealed to a certain wild, lawless strain hidden deep in her nature—the strain of the gypsy and the poet, the genius and the fool.”-L.M. Montgomery

Dream photo sessions are a thing of today. More and more, women across the globe are looking to celebrate their femininity, their victories, themselves in new and exciting ways. Whether you are looking to capture an amazing time in your life or create branding imagery for your business that is like no other, the answer is to book with Boudoir Betty!

For these photo shoots I offer the same incredible service and transformation that I offer here in my photo studio! You get a personal styling consultation to discuss how you envision being photographed, professional hair and makeup artistry, unlimited camera time, and unlimited outfits.  Also included is the deluxe folio box with 20 matted prints and correspnding digital files, a flush mount leather album, and a 30 x 40 gallery wrap!

If you're interested in Personal Branding  we will discuss your business and marketing model in detail prior to your shoot. These sessions are perfect for the women ready to take their business to the next level. It is your time to SHINE. Frankly, it is time to show your audience your best self. There is NO other way to capture the clientele you are after than to SHOW them how professional you are. 

Booking a destination session is easy.  You pay the package price of $4999, book your own travel, and pack your bags!

Dream Destination Sessions are ideal for:

  • Boudoir/Glamour
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Paparazzi

If this sounds perfect for you, just click the button below to go to my contact form: