Buy Now & Pay Later!

If a boudoir session is on your bucket list, it is now more attainable! I've been searching high and low for months for better payment options for my clients.  I'm happy to say that I now offer more ways to get what you want!

Imagine if you could pay for your prints and products using gift cards from a big box store...

Well, now you can!  Bring your unused gift cards with you to your session and apply them toward your purchase.  Yes, you read that right! Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy...the list goes on. 

And, it gets better!  I've got even more financing options available besides 6 months interest-free through PayPal Credit!  


SplitIt is interest-free financing WITHOUT opening up a credit line. It works with your existing credit line on your credit card.

The way it works is that the total amount of the purchase will be held like an authorization on your credit card.  You determine the number of payments that you want, and SplitIt will charge your card each month for the specified amount.

So, for example, the total purchase amount is $1200, and you would like 12 equal installments at $120 per month for 12 months.  SplitIt will put a hold on the card for $1200, and charge you $120 a month for 12 months.

Should you not have enough credit on one card, you may split the purchase amount two cards.  


When you finance through PayPossiblechoose an extra digital photograph ($199 value) or a phone app of all your digital images ($499 value)! 

PayPossible works with multiple lenders to bring you the best offers and you get to choose which one works best for you. PayPossible even works if you have no credit or poor credit! Get approval within minutes!

And for my clients who love to plan ahead, I also offer pre-payment plans.  The benefit of prepayment is that you get to choose from fun stuff like a complimentary centerfold valued at $299, or add on the shower set!  Prepay using PayPal Credit or PayPossible and take advantage of my offer above!

Here's to helping making your boudoir dreams come true! πŸ₯‚