Boudoir On Pointe

Dance was the the spark that lit her soul on fire and fueled the fire beneath her feet.

It’s not every day that I get a dancer in my studio so I had to take full advantage. Her pink ensemble pops against her dark skin, and demonstrates that no tutu is needed!

The result is unconventional, elegant, and exquisite!

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 #boudoironpointe #balletboudoir #blackballerina

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Social media and boudoir photography have allowed for a sub-genre in boudoir photography to become popular: couples boudoir.

Once a couple has decided on a couples boudoir session, they then need to decide if they looking for implied nudity or full-on erotica. I specialize in the former, and tend to shy away from erotica, although there are photographers out there who do specialize in erotica.

Regardless of style, you’ll typically begin fully clothed and work your way to less. Don’t worry! We’ll discuss boundaries before your session even begins.

This couple wanted photos captured like they were coming home from a black tie event. Classy AND steamy!


Why I Photograph Women In Their Underwear for a Living


It's Really Fun to Explain What I Do for a Living.

"Bood-What? Bud-wear? Boobwah?"

No one ever understands how to say this oft-butchered French word. 😊 Even when I pronounce it with proper French pronunciation, I still get funny looks. NOUN /ˈbudˌwɑr/ /ˈbudˌwɔr/ 😁

It's a whole lot easier to just say, "I take photos of ladies in their underwear." Oh... Oh! 🤩

"No, NOT that kind of O!" 😆

If someone isn't familiar with this genre of photography, they might also ask me WHY people come in for boudoir sessions. There's milestone events, and dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weight loss, wedding gifts for the significant other, etc.

I go into detail on why I do what I do in this video.

I love making women feel beautiful, and being able to provide them both an experience with heirloom products to treasure for a lifetime.

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