The Secret to Sexy

Is Pole Dancing Really As Sexy As it Looks?

Usually the thought of pole dancing stirs up connotations of seedy strip clubs, but the ladies at Impulse Pole Dance will show you that pole dancing is not only an art form but an excellent workout as well.

I set out to find out if pole dancing is really as sexy as it looks.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo on what to wear.  I showed up for my first class clad in leggings and sneakers.  I needed neither:  I changed into shorts for leg grip on the pole and took the sneakers off to go barefoot.  A few of the girls were ready with their stripper heels and I must admit, I was quite envious.  It’s a little hard to feel sexy twisting around a pole with dirty feet. 

While a t-shirt and shorts is fine for class, I did notice that Impulse has quite a bit of clothing and shoes for sale; a few of the girls were looking sexy and confident in their tanks and booty shoots.  I made a mental note to get me some shiny booty shorts and sky high stripper heels if I survived a few classes. 

Sexiness certainly doesn’t equate to size, and nowhere is this more true than here. The ladies who joined me in class were all shapes and sizes. 

We started off with some slow and sexy stretching and I tried to master the “fireman” spin.  My instructor, Jessica, noticed me fumbling around the pole with about as much grace as an elephant twerking like Miley Cyrus, and approached me.  She broke down the move very slowly, while I regretted not putting on more deodorant before leaving for class.

Finally, after a several awkward tries in front of the entire class, I mastered the “fireman”, and Jessica continued showing us the routine.  The ladies who are devotees really take their stuff seriously; the gal in front of me turned on her cell phone to take a video selfie so she could critique her moves at home after class, while I marveled at the curvy lady in front of the class who had so much flexibility. 

It’s been two days and every muscle in my upper body is sore, but that won’t stop me from going back and trying to get better.  Jessica showed great patience as an instructor, and I highly recommend Impulse Pole Dance not only for an excellent fitness class, but as a great way to get in touch with your sexier side.