What Would Cookie Wear?

Cookie's fashion sense on the show of Empire is sophisticated, and trendy. As a fan of the show, I think it would be fun to consider what lingerie Cookie might wear for a boudoir shoot.

 Cookie spent a significant amount of time in prison, so she hasn't experienced a lot of the fashion trends for the last seventeen years. Cookie has a lot of catching up to do.

We can see that she's a big fan of animal prints, which is also symbolic of the strength in the Lyon family. Animal prints also tend to pair well with a lot of black.

 She's not afraid to wear furs, and knows just how to use color to get Lucious where she wants him. Remember her purple fur coat in Episode 6 when Cookie decides to give some major body, or should I say booty?

Cookie knows purple is Lucious' favorite color, which also coincidentally is the color affiliated with royalty. She's decked out in Victoria's Secret's limited edition Criscross Merrywidow corset, and tops it off with a lush (fake?)purple-hued fur.

 Something tells me Anika had very good reason to feel threatened!

 So, here are a few pieces that I think Cookie would wear for a boudoir shoot:

 Cookie could give lots of body in this strappy ensemble from Dita Von Teese.  Click the link to purchase;  total cost before tax shipping is $185.00. 

As we've seen in many episodes, Cookie is a huge fan of animal print, so this leopard chemise ($29.98) is certainly true to the spirit of Cookie. 

The Rochelle Lace Top and Corset Panty from Frederick's of Hollywood ($48.50) is sexy and demure at the same time.  Cookie knows just how to tease Lucious. 

So for those of you who were salivating over Cookie's Merrywidow in Episode 6, it's sold out, but you might get lucky and find it on eBay or consider this little black lace number with crisscross detail from Leg Avenue ($30):

I'm not affiliated in any with these brands; I'm just an avid shopper of lingerie and fashion.