What a Boudoir Session is Like From a Client's Perspective

You've got the address all mapped out. Your lingerie is stowed away in the trunk and you've come up with a plan to explain why you're going to be gone for the next 4-5 hours.

Yet, you're still NERVOUS.  You tossed and turned the night before.  "Will she photoshop my cellulite?  I hope she knows how to hide my thunder thighs."  Wake up before the alarm goes off.  Stress about the under eye circles you now have.  "Maybe the make-up artist can cover them."

If you want to know what it's really like to do a boudoir session from a client's perspective, now you can hear it for yourself.  It's also captioned for you in case you're not in a position to listen with the sound on. 

I sat down with my client to ask her what her biggest fear was prior to her session as well as her favorite part of the experience. To Book Your Own Session, or Learn More, visit boudoirbettyfl.com/learnmore