You Don't Have to Wear Lingerie

Sometimes I hear clients tell me that they don’t really wear lingerie and aren’t sure what to wear.

Bring Your Best Fuzzy Sweater, and make sure it’s loose and boxy.  Wear it with some sexy lace undies, and you’ve mastered laid–back appeal.  Bonus Points for Knee High Socks.


You can also do the above look with a simple tank top. 


A White Button Down Shirt is a classic and hides a multitude of sins.


A Swimsuit Coverup:  They look great with some pretty undies or you can go nude underneath. 


Fitness Apparel:  If you’re more comfortable in a sports bra than a lace bra, own it. 


An Evening Gown:  This atypical item is more glam than boudoir but still very sexy. 


A Vintage or Faux Fur:  Raid grandma’s closet, or scout a thrift store.  There’s something about fur that reeks of luxury.  Plus, it’s soft and feels great against your skin.


A White Sheet and Nothing Underneath:  Save yourself the stress of worrying about what to wear and just be nekkid!