Why Prints Are Making A Comeback

Your Photos Deserve More than a Few Moments of Fleeting Fame on Social Media. 

Your Photos Deserve More than a Few Moments of Fleeting Fame on Social Media. 


Prints are making a comeback. They’ve become more valuable for the mere fact that they’re so rare. There is something special about holding a print in your hands. It’s a memory brought to life.

Software used to store your photos digitally can become inaccessible over time. Think back to the floppy disk, or CD. Most computers these days don’t even have a CD/ROM drive anymore. Technology is advancing so quickly that the equipment we use to store our data on becomes inaccessible. Hard drive failure happens too.

How about that one time you took all those photos from your two year old’s birthday party only to drop your phone in the toilet before you could upload them to Facebook?

Speaking of Facebook, every time you upload a photo to Facebook, the file is compressed to save server space. This downgrades the quality of the image significantly, especially if it’s downloaded and possibly reuploaded from Facebook multiple times. Have you ever seen a funny meme on Facebook and it looks really blocky? That blocky effect is actually pixelation, distorted pixel artifacts that occur after compression. Do you really want to preserve your memories this way?

Photographs, once printed, become artwork, or gifts for others. You’re not limited to simply paper prints. There are many services and apps available to print directly from your phone, and you can create canvas wraps, or custom photo gifts such as mugs and magnets. Display options are endless.

My best selling products are canvas gallery wraps and a folio box that includes matted images. The folio box is popular because unlike an album, you can pull out photos for display one at a time, or create a wall grouping.

An additional benefit to printing your images is most labs offer editing and retouching services. Labs can also help you choose which paper type would be best for your images.

Perhaps the biggest reason that prints are so popular now is because cloud storage services are still infallible. Cloud services can be subject to application bugs or security breaches.

Prints are a way to relive a family vacation, remind yourself that you are still loved, and enhance your mood. Plus, they last more than a few short-lived moments on social media.