Boudoir Bodies


The old saying that a photo is worth a thousand words has never been more true.  Kelly and Shawna share a playful moment together.  They came in for a boudie party, and decided to do a few photos together in matching outfits. 

They certainly spend a fair amount of time at CrossFit and are proud to show it!  So you'd think that neither of them would feel at all self-conscious or unhappy with their bodies, but it seems no one immune.   Kelly expressed that she "lost her butt", but it was easy to teach her a posing trick to make her derriere seem more a little more plump.  

I love the idea of wearing workout gear for this portion of their shoot.  There's definitely a certain sexiness to being athletic and a little bit tom-boy.   It allowed them to relax and you really get a sense of the playful affection between them.  

The last shot really shows off Kelly's toned physique, and in a way that really reflects her style and taste.