A Shape for Every Body!

13579 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 

13579 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 

What’s Great About a Women’s Only Gym?

I had a chance to attend the grand opening of the new Shapes in Riverview, FL where I met some fabulous women.  It wasn't hard to see exactly what makes Shapes so great.

Less distraction = a tougher workout.  Maybe you feel more secure doing squats in front of your own sex, or just want to focus on getting a better workout without the insecurity?  Either way, Shapes is the place for you.

It’s a Great Way to Network and Get Some Mommy Time in Shapes includes child-care so Mommy can get some much-needed time blow off steam in a healthy manner.

Lots of equipment and classes means more versatility.  Varying your workout prevents boredom and helps you work different muscle groups.

Shapes also offers 40 + classes per week as well as individual and group personal training.

And when you’re ready to show off your new buff bod, Betty will be right here to document all your hard work. 

Boudoir Bodies


The old saying that a photo is worth a thousand words has never been more true.  Kelly and Shawna share a playful moment together.  They came in for a boudie party, and decided to do a few photos together in matching outfits. 

They certainly spend a fair amount of time at CrossFit and are proud to show it!  So you'd think that neither of them would feel at all self-conscious or unhappy with their bodies, but it seems no one immune.   Kelly expressed that she "lost her butt", but it was easy to teach her a posing trick to make her derriere seem more a little more plump.  

I love the idea of wearing workout gear for this portion of their shoot.  There's definitely a certain sexiness to being athletic and a little bit tom-boy.   It allowed them to relax and you really get a sense of the playful affection between them.  

The last shot really shows off Kelly's toned physique, and in a way that really reflects her style and taste.