A Little 911 for Your Lingerie Dilemma: What to Wear After Extreme Weight Loss

I’ve had clients come in for a session after massive weight loss and I’m often asked what kind of lingerie is best for hiding excess skin or scars from surgery for skin removal. 

Black Mesh Overbust Corset 

Black Mesh Overbust Corset 

You’ve heard me say this one before and I keep recommending it because it’s a universally flattering piece; it’s the workhorse of the lingerie closet:  the corset.

Look for a steel-boned corset; it will hold its shape better than a corset with plastic boning. 

Bodystockings:  I love them because they show off your shape, are revealing, but still cover a multitude of perceived flaws such as cellulite, scars, varicose veins, etc.

Gowns or Lace Dresses: Sheer lace works the same way a bodystocking does but you can wear it over a pretty bra and underwear set or completely nude.   Alternatively, you can also wear a satin gown for a more conservative look.

Hi-Waisted Briefs: They look great under a lace gown or paired with a bra, elbow length gloves and some over-the-knee boots. 

Robes:  They can be worn over other pieces, and used to drape and hide certain areas. 

As women, we get so nervous about exposing ourselves in a boudoir session, but it's really more about showing who you are.  Your choice of wardrobe (if any) not only reflects your personality, but can help you feel better in your skin.  Don't let a little extra skin get in the way of expressing your sensual side. 

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